Best Laptops under 10000 in Pakistan

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Best Laptops under 10000 in Pakistan

Today I will tell you in my content that ultimate laptop buying guide where we look at laptops in the 10000 rupees in price range whether you are shopping for school, college, office, gaming purpose students or any other reason.

Best Laptops under 10000 in Pakistan

best laptops under 10000 in pakistan

I wanted to create an up-to-date content for best laptops under 10000 in pakistan to help you find the perfect laptop now I cover general tips and buying advice that will apply to you as well as recommendations for shoppers with a budget less than 15000 thousands rupees.I shall cover every major type of laptop user including those just browsing the web and using office students programmers photo and videos editors and of course gammers .

Best laptops under 10000 in pakistan

alright let’s get into the 10,000 to 15000 price range. In this range you should be able to get everything you got in the budget category plus write a screen so you can view content more comfortably and less sacrifices when it comes to build quality there are some really good laptops in this price range.

Best Laptops under 10000 in Pakistan

Let’s start off with the new dell 9310 I have one right here i recommend the i5 processor 1920×1200 resolution display and 8 gig of ram in dual channel mode this is an extremely premium laptop the keyboard track pad and display are all excellent and it is a joy to use on that display informally feel 13 inch screens are too small to use as a primary device however this one with its 13.4 inch screen and 16×10 aspect ratio which increases the amount of information you can see when browsing the web or using Microsoft word because there’s more vertical space.

I feel it shows enough information  to be above that line and suitable to be your main device seriously guys this is one of the laptops I personally own and I really like using it heck the script for this video that you’re watching right now was written on it now the fan noise isn’t too bad from this laptop however at times you can hear it a little it also does get quite warm to the touch particularly on the keyboard deck and the ram cannot be upgraded by the way casual users you should not be overly worried about eight gigs of ram modern operating systems like windows or Mac Os.

Make better use of ram than they did previously they compress data in memory and swapping to disk no longer causes the severe slowdowns it used to as most laptops use fast me storage my second pick for casual users is the idea pad slim 7 with unfortunately I haven’t got one in yet because they are super hard to find no surprises given that it really does tick all the boxes what I mean by that is it’s got a good color accurate screen that is bright enough the keyboard is comfortable.

The track-pad is accurate and it comes with a powerful processor my runner-up for casual users is the  processor and the 400 nit brightness screen option I have one right here this laptop is so freaking good it runs much colder to the touch than the dell xps making it more comfortable to use it also folds into a tablet and is easy to take notes or draw on which you may really like it’s still a very premium feeling device too although not quite at the xps level o hand if you are looking for great battery life this one has you covered the main reason I placed it behind the dell is because it has a slightly smaller screen and a 16 by 9 aspect  ratio this means that for most tasks.

You’ll see less information because of this I feel this is a great secondary laptop if you already have a desktop or a more powerful laptop as a primary device before I move on let’s talk about apple it’s in this price range that you will be able to afford one of the new apple mac-book airs with the m1 chip and may be even a mac-book pro with the m1 chip.

We all know apple makes high quality devices and they are promising a leap forward with their new m1 arm CPU  my air and pro are arriving at the same time that this guide.

These are most cheapest price laptops

productName price
1Acer C720Rs.12900/-

Thank you for reading this content for any query you shall ask in comments

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